About company

The company SKLO-KRIŠTÁL, Ltd. was established in November 15, 1998 by people with long-year working and special experiences. The production program of the Company consists of cutting the lead material for local and foreign markets. The Company employs 8 workers.

The product assortment is as follows:

  • small cups,
  • tumblers,
  • pitchers,
  • bottles,
  • boxes,
  • bowls,
  • ashtrays,
  • vases,
  • baskets.

The above basic types are then divided according to the product shape. The cutting is in principle hand done on diamond-charged grinding wheels.
ZThe customers may purchase our products, supplied in gift packing, in Crystal Shops. All the products are certifiedSatisfaction of customers is our priority.

The Company SKLO-KRIŠTAL is able to cut decors as per the buyer´s requirement or reference sample. We can also make the firm logo on a selected type of product.